Swaffham Bulbeck

Church of England Primary School

Children in years 5 and 6 are taught together in Owl class. They experience a packed curriculum with specialist teaching in French, Music and PE. Their classroom is right next to the library/ICT suite and so they have easy access to these facilities.
What it’s like to be in Owls Class in Year 6 (Child's perspective)
Welcome to Owl Class , the oldest class in the school.
In Year 6 it’s different because you get privileges and jobs if the teachers can trust you. One of the privileges is the year 6 table at lunch time . Only y6 can sit on it and you can choose to come in at any time to eat your lunch. There are even special plates. If you think of other privileges you can always ask for them to be considered.
Every Thursday there’s a special assembly. At the end of it we see who has earned certificates and a pen licence. We also find out which house team have the most merits. Year 6 are the house captains and it is their job to to count up all the merits each week. Other different jobs involve being buddies , assembly setter- uppers, helping Robin class get ready for hometime, and looking after the computers.
There are lots of after school clubs which pupils from all classes can attend including sports clubs, music clubs, a coding club, maths club and art club. Sometimes pupils in Owl class decide to run a club for the younger children.
Every year in Owl Class we go on a residential visit for either 3 or 5 days. Last year we went to Aylmerton in Norfolk. Everyone enjoyed their time there and we can’t wait to go to Grafham Water later this school year.
Each class has a topic every term. At the moment we are learning about North America. The classrooms are spacy and have lots of different reading books to look at. There are windows to let the breeze in and a whiteboard to help in lessons.
At the end of the year school has a special celebration evening in Church. Year 6 are awarded cups and trophies and are presented with a book and a Bible to remind them of our school.