Swaffham Bulbeck

Church of England Primary School

We work hard to establish a mutually caring culture through a positive policy. We have a school behaviour policy, which outlines our expectations. Rewards or sanctions are used as appropriate. Children have green cards if their behaviour is good, yellow cards if they have received a warning and a red card will result in a consequence.

School and Class Rules have been drawn up by children and staff, and are reviewed regularly.

‘Buddies’ are a group of year 6 children who are available to offer support to other pupils.  This gives children the opportunity to speak to a peer about any issues they have in school. The ‘buddies’ are trained in how to deal with any information that may be shared with them.

A ‘buddy bus stop’ is available for any child who is experiencing any friendship difficulties. The ‘buddies’ are responsible for checking the bus stop regularly and supporting any child  waiting there. The school encourages positive play and provides ideas for play activities through the school council.

Teams provide an opportunity for children to work together, thus building awareness of working for others not just for themselves. Children can earn merits for their team, as rewards for positive behaviour. These teams also compete at the school sports day.

Our teams are named after saints chosen either for their local connections or association with children:

Saint Mary  (blue) - to whom our parish church is dedicated.

Saint Etheldreda  (yellow) – founder of Ely Cathedral.

Saint Francis (green) - well known by children as the patron saint of animals.

Saint Nicholas (red)  - patron saint of children.