Swaffham Bulbeck

Church of England Primary School

Circle Schools

As a small school, we have worked hard to build links to other local schools. We are part of the Circle Schools group, which includes the 15 feeder primary schools for Bottisham Village College and Soham Village College, and which allows us to share knowledge and experience at many levels, including headteachers, Chairs of Governors, and teaching staff. For example, in implementing the new National Curriculum, we formed groups of subject leaders in English and Mathematics to work together to understand and interpret the new requirements. 

Beacon Hub schools

We work closely as a group of 5 Church of England primary schools which feed into Bottisham Village College, forming the Beacon Hub with Swaffham Prior, Great Wilbraham, Teversham and Cheveley Church of England Primary Schools. As well as working together with staff and governors across the five schools, the children are involved in a range of joint activities, which enriches our curriculum, and means that our children will know more of their new classmates when they move up to secondary school. 

Shared activities include:

  • The Swaffham Olympics competition between Swaffham Bulbeck and Swaffham Prior
  • Joint activities with Swaffham Prior in anti-bullying week
  • Use of the Schools Out after school club at Swaffham Prior
  • Annual KS2 Choir day
  • Annual KS2 visit to Ely Cathedral

Bottisham Village College and the Anglian Gateway Teaching School Alliance

We our proud of our close links with Bottisham Village College, which is the secondary school that the majority of our children attend. This includes opportunities for teaching staff to share methodologies and approaches, use of the swimming pool and sports fields, and a joint research project on using video to assist in mathematics teaching and learning.