Swaffham Bulbeck

Church of England Primary School


                                                                           Collective worship in Church




Thankfulness: I am lucky. I have got two sisters. They are called Kira and Madison. I am thankful I have got sisters to play with at home. Ryan, Year 2
Reverence: I think about the cross and all it means when I’m in church. Max, Year 5
Hope: I hope that everyone in the world has enough to eat and clean water to drink. Cassia, Year 3
Compassion: I help look after my sister, Jessie, when she’s poorly. Erin, Year 1
Endurance: I bike to school. It is not very nice when it is raining or cold. I just keep going. I think this is what endurance means for me. Emiko, Year 4
Forgiveness: When I argue with Fern I make it right by saying I’m sorry. Kerensa, Year R
Peace: I feel peaceful in my bedroom. I can look out at the birdfeeders through my window and watch the birds. Jack, Year 4
Our school is  part of the Diocese of Ely Multi Academy Trust (DEMAT) and a copy of our funding agreement is included here for your information.  The agreement contains important information in the 'curriculum' section as to how, as an academy, we ensure the continuation of a distinctively Christian curriculum and ethos.


Kingfisher class at harvest festival 2019





                   Remembrance service 2019