Swaffham Bulbeck

Church of England Primary School

We wish to continuously challenge ourselves as a school whilst maintaining our strengths. These strengths have been identified as:
  • A welcoming, nurturing ethos & a strong sense of school community
  • Christian principles in evidence throughout the school
  • Respected and popular school
  • Adapting our approach to meet the needs of individual children
  • Everyone’s contribution is valued
  • Everyone proud to make a positive difference
  • Team working/support network
  • Approachable & positive attitude of leadership
  • Collaborative & distributed leadership model
  • Rapid response to deal with challenge
  • Good understanding of individual children, parents & carers
  • Excellent SEND provision
  • Full involvement of all staff in children’s development
  • High quality teacher/TA provision and support
  • Recognition of subject specialism
  • Varied learning approaches and experiences
  • Outward looking focus as a Teaching School
Our aim is to continue developing as a collaborative, self improving, learning community. Our vision for the next three years focuses on two main areas – teaching & learning and community & partnerships.
Teaching and Learning
  • Maintain outstanding status
  • Continuous self-evaluation to monitor progress
  • Quality of teaching and learning to be assured
  • Continuous development of teaching practices
  • To promote a love of learning throughout the school community
  • Headteacher to have lead responsibility and accountability for SCHOOL improvement
  • Every child to make maximum progress and achieve full potential
  • Rigorous tracking of children’s progress
  • Development of a suitable method of summative assessment & liaising with local schools to maintain our high standards
  • Keep tracking how and what we teach/children learn is relevant to the children in our school
  • Curriculum to be relevant, rich and balanced
  • Find more opportunities to bring learning to life
  • Enable children to take responsibility for their own learning
  • Extend children’s awareness of GLOBAL ISSUES & BRITISH VALUES
  • Encourage democratic values
  • Actively promote a culture of inclusion and respect
  • Create opportunities to explore & understand different cultures and faiths
Community & Partnership
  • Parents to feel a valued part of their child’s education & school life
  • Parents continue to have a clear picture of their children’s progress & targets
  • Investigate other approaches for communication, including social media
  • Further strengthen community liaison
  • Maintain our valued links with Red to Green & other charities
  • Continue to be an integral part of community events
  • Foster our successful church-school relationship
  • Utilise the village as a learning environment
  • Continually review opportunities for the school
  • Formal partnerships with other local schools
  • Explore additional sources of funding
  • Succession planning for staff and governors
  • Continue to participate in a range of partnership working
  • Further strengthen the Anglian Gateway Teaching School Alliance
  • Further develop relationships with the Fen Edge 4 Schools
  • Support staff to be involved with the governing body