Swaffham Bulbeck

Church of England Primary School

We are very fortunate to have our own kitchen and cook on site.  As such, we are always able to offer  meals which are freshly cooked from fresh ingredients every day of the school year.  Our latest menu is available below and ordering and paying for meals is now done via Pupil Asset by downloading the Pupil Asset app or going to http://parents.pupilasset.com   

The cost for a school lunch is £2.30.

How to Order Meals

You will need to download the Pupil Asset app or go to http://parents.pupilasset.com/ and register using the email address we hold for you at school.

Meals should be ordered in advanced and we ask parents to do their best order at least two weeks ahead wherever practically possible to allow us to plan ahead and reduce wastage.   On the Pupil Asset app and website you will see three options: Meal 1, Meal 2 (vegetarian) and Meal 3 (jacket potato) where Meal 1 and Meal 2 relate to the options on the menu below and Meal 3 is always the same, a jacket potato with choice of topping.  Please note, we can accommodate all dietary needs and preferences though, please contact the office if you need something more bespoke and we can put arrangements in place.

If you would simply like to order the same meal option every day for a year, please email the office to request this and we will put this on the system for you (please note this will show in your balance as money owed, but it doesn't need to be paid up front all at once!)

If you are providing your child with their own packed lunch,  lunches should be in a named plastic box. A healthy, balanced meal is necessary to provide your child with the energy and nutrition they need to sustain them through the afternoon.  

If no meals are ordered via Pupil Asset we will assume your child is a packed lunch.  So please make sure meals form our kitchen are ordered in advanced to avoid disappointment on the day (you can make emergency food orders up until 9:00am each day on the Pupil Asset app or website; if you miss this window please phone the office to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.)