Swaffham Bulbeck

Church of England Primary School

There are 2 suppliers please see the links below
My Clothing are no longer offering the school uniform  embroidery service but Fosters School wear  has taken over as the new supplier.

 They will continue to donate 5% of sales back to the school.

 Here is the link to order uniform:



Jewellery is not recommended for general wear at school.
For safety reasons, no child is permitted to take part in any P.E. or games activity wearing any jewellery, including ear studs. Due to the difficulty that some children have in removing and replacing their ear studs, it is suggested that they are not worn on days when they will have P.E.
The only exception can be if the piercing is newly done, in which case they must be taped over, using microporous tape from home, as a temporary measure for no longer than 6 weeks.
Staff are not allowed to help with the taping, removal or replacement of earrings and cannot be responsible for their safe-keeping when removed.